Take the Hassle Out of Preparing for a Sub

I'm sure you're asking yourself...Why plan for a sub BEFORE I actually need one? If you're like me, you probably HATE missing school! Best case scenario... you have a workshop that was planned weeks or months in advance! Worst case scenario...you're sick as a dog or you have a child who is ill, and you're scrambling at the last minute to get sub plans ready! No matter the reason for needing a sub, making sub plans are THE WORST... I MEAN THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!
So, back to the question... Why do you need to plan for a sub before you actually need one? Let's travel back in time to last school year... To make a REALLY long story short, I had to get a sub unexpectedly for a week due to surgery complications. Then, after returning to work for a week, had to get a sub for ANOTHER week because of the flu! It was SO difficult to make sub plans from home when I didn't have any of my teaching materials with me.
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UGH!!! Look at that paperwork! I am tired of coming back to school after a sub has been in my room and having to deal with this! My back to school resolution was to create a sub binder that I could complete at the beginning of the year with policies, procedures, etc. and not really have to worry about it again. I would only need to update it when something changes in my room. Honestly, the hardest part of making a sub binder is remembering to include ALL of the important details in your classroom, schedule, etc. Well, do this at the beginning of the year, and the hardest part of making your sub binder is complete! YAY!! To make my life easier, I created a sub binder. AND... it's available in my TpT store!
This sub binder is editable to fit your needs and has LOTS of sections from which to choose. It is filled with 75 pages of templates and various formats to ease the burden of preparing for a sub. The table of contents is editable as well. Don't like the lines with the numbers? That part is editable!
I can't wait to prepare this bad boy once I get this year's schedule and updated policies and procedures! After 15 years of teaching, I feel like this has been a LONG time coming. This welcome letter can be customized to suit your style or leave it as it is, and just change the name.
There is also a page where the teacher can write special notes to the sub. Is there an assembly or a party the day you have a sub? Include that in this section. Are there any students that you KNOW are going to need extra help? Include it here.
The section below is probably my favorite because I don't have to type it out EVERY TIME I have a sub! Before, I would always include the students' specials classes or my teacher duties in the actual lesson plans, but NOT anymore.
There are also super cute dividers for the sections. I could go on ALL day about everything this sub binder includes. But, you could just check it out for yourself {HERE}! It's going to make my life so much easier, and I hope it makes yours easier as well!!!

Take the Hassle Out of Preparing for a Sub

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