The Countdown is On!!!!!

As Sunday night comes to a close, I am realizing that we have 9 more wake-ups until summer break!! That means that two Sunday's from now... FREEDOM!!! After this school year, I am so ready for a long break.  The school year itself wasn't bad; my personal life made school horrible.  I had a hysterectomy December 9, which shouldn't have been a big deal returning to school after Winter Break in January. BUT... things don't always go as planned.  A week before my surgery, I got strep throat.  Surgery went fine, but I wasn't able to return to work on January 4th like I was supposed to.  I was having problems that I thought were normal.  So, I took the first week back off from teaching.  I still wasn't better.  I figured that was normal and decided to suck it up and return to teaching.  Well, a week after returning, I was not doing too hot at all!!!! I visited my doctor to discuss my issues- turns out I had an infection. Cue the strong drugs and ANOTHER week off of work.  I returned feeling refreshed- well as refreshed as possible after what I had been through.  Now, we're into February by the time I returned.  A week of teaching under my belt... AND... BAM.. let's get the flu my body tells me!! I'm just gonna go ahead and say it... OH...EM...GEE... Cue the Tamiflu and ANOTHER week off of work!! I returned the week after Valentine's Day. Thank God I haven't been sick or missed school since (KNOCK ON WOOD).  So, you can see why I am READY for this school year to be done!!! I want a fresh start next year!! Anyway, have a wonderful end of the school year!!! We're almost there, friends!!!

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