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Great YouTube channels for science

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Remember back in the day when you were sitting in class and learning from textbooks, worksheets, or lectures. Well, today teaching has changed a lot... especially science. Being a science teacher means keeping up to date with the latest information so that we can share that knowledge with our students. It also means communicating that content in a fun and engaging way. One way I have found to increase engagement is by using videos, whether it be in stations, mini-lectures, or Nearpod (click HERE to read my blog post about Nearpod).

Imagine trying to explain the function of different parts of an animal cell or how weathering, erosion, & deposition affects Earth's surface. It's RATHER difficult to do that with teacher explanation alone. Why not show a video where students can ACTUALLY see the effect WED has on Earth's surface? Don't get me wrong, there are tons of hands-on activities where the students can explore difficult concepts. But, videos add that 'real-life' aspect of exploration. After teaching science at both the elementary and middle school levels, I've gathered quite a few YouTube channels that I love that are both entertaining as well as informational. For ease of navigating, I've split the videos into elementary level & middle school level. Click on the pictures to go to that YouTube channel.


Crash Course Kids is such a fun way to supplement elementary science content. There are quite a few good videos here about various science concepts such as mixtures & solutions, space, & LOTS more!


Esteem Interactive Learning has a variety of geology videos ranging from geology in the kitchen to geo-road trips. It's fun for students to be able to 'visit' various places that show examples of what you're discussing in class!


If you're in Texas, has videos related to specific TEKS. However, some of the videos are older which means that the TEKS number might not match, but the content should still be valid. 


The Amoeba Sisters is probably my favorite middle school biology-related channel. Their videos are hilarious and there are quite a few puns sprinkled throughout! If you teach anything related to biology & haven't checked out their YouTube channel, you MUST do so! They are also on Patreon if you'd like to support them. If you do, they let you vote on their upcoming videos. Check out their YouTube channel for more info. on Patreon.


London Jenks has a WIDE variety of videos on his channel. The videos encompass all branches of science, & they're short enough to supplement concepts.


Bozeman Science is a great informative YouTube channel. He's not as entertaining as some of the other channels I've mentioned, but the information is WONDERFUL! These videos could be used as a review for some students who don't grasp a concept. 


Flinn Scientific is a great place to find good demonstration videos as well as quite a few chemistry videos. Some of the videos found on this channel might even be geared more toward high school. But there is a good safety video as well as some other good demos!

I hope these videos help you in planning for your science curriculum! If you have any other good YouTube channels that I missed that you love for science, comment below & I'll add them to this post!! 

Great YouTube channels for science curriculum for elementary and middle school

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