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Hello everyone! Welcome to Fixin' to Teach!! I am so excited to get started on blogging, TPT, and everything in between! After months and months of researching and learning everything I could about TPT, blogging, etc., I decided to hit the ground running!

A little bit about me and my journey... Before moving to Texas about two years ago (which happened to be the best decision ever), I had lived in California my entire life.  I taught at a small private school, which I loved! There, I taught 3rd grade for a few years and middle school science and geography for close to 9 years.  I LOVED the content material of middle school science as well as the mapping skills I got to teach.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my fantastic former co-workers and former students.  I get emotional just thinking about how much I miss those students.  Anyway, I now teach 4th grade science in Lubbock, Texas at the best school ever (#sorrynotsorry - our school ROCKS!!)!  Until my family and I moved to Texas, I had never worked with a team of teachers before.  My school in California only had one teacher per grade for the most part.  So, I am thankful each day that I get to teach with five other amazing 4th grade teachers.  I have become such good friends with each of them (we have the best team around)!  After moving to a new state, a new school, with new curriculum...  There is no way I would've survived last year if it weren't for my wonderful team! 

Pismo Beach- Isn't it gorgeous?
My favorite place in Calif.
One of my first experiences with Texas slang came during the 1st couple of weeks of school during last school year (at my new school). I heard someone say, 'I'm fixin' to do this' or 'I'm fixin' to do that.'  I even heard students say it.  That has become my new favorite saying (even though I don't use it too often).  That is where my name originated.  I know, I know the theme of my TPT store/brand (being the pink and navy nautical theme) doesn't really match with my store name.  I just couldn't help it... I'm a sucker for beautiful patterns and color schemes.  I have to give props to the designer of my blog and brand, Jolene Ray from Paisley N' Polkadots.  She was absolutely the best to work with.  She took my ideas and ran with them.  Jolene's creativity is phenomenal! She is just starting out and is charging substantially less than other designers so she can gain more experience.  But, I really don't know if she needs more experience... she's a pro already... just look at my brand design. 

Now you know a little about me... I can't wait to get to know you!! 

Happy Teaching Friends!!

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